Pharaonic office


– A pharaonic desk carved on it in hieroglyphics, and it is originally from the Al-Qarang Temple

– It was engraved on it in the hieroglyphic language and the four corners were a mask of Tut about Khamun

– And the addition of a table in the form of the pyramid of Khufu, one of the seven wonders of the Danita, to show all this with the addition of modern technology by touching in certain parts or by phone with a safety number, which adds to it the advantage of using it as a safe for valuable possessions
And there are sounds of pharaonic music to make you feel the feeling of this pharaonic era

– And the choir is inspired by the design of a chair from the Pharaonic heritage and the base is made of papyrus

-Manufactured by the most skilled craftsmen in the handmade industry

-This element is inspired by egyption palaces and classic old French art

– Natural wooden structure with the addition of all the engraving work on the wood material resin and environmentally friendly paints

Pharaonic office

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