Writing tablet Giovanni socci 1807


-A beautiful Imperial piece of furniture from Napoleon’s mechanic’s desk Giovanni Socci, the c1810 realized that the c1810 conceals an intricate closing mechanism, allowing it to fold around the bookrest, side wings and seat. In the event that the three-legged chair on the sliding wooden base outwardly disappears, it completely disappears in the furniture. Drawing board and ink holders drop and slide sides. Built in the 19th century by Giovanni Succi, an Italian craftsman from Florence. And he wasn’t the only one who built it. Sochi is part of a family of craftsmen who supplied furniture to various members of the palace and royal family of Florence, and at least seems to have produced four such works. …their explanation states that the act of pulling the chair is what causes the table to deform. Goatskin leather on top.

-Methods of development and scientific research have been added to this piece, so that the chair comes out via the phone with a password and or by touching in a hidden part of it, and when the chair is opened, the music of its time is received

-Manufactured by the most skilled craftsmen in the handmade industry

– This product is a special design inspired by French art and antiquity

-Delightful design and flowers that have luster and beauty

– This product is a special design inspired by French art and antiquity made by the most skilled makers of classic handcrafted furniture

-size 88 x 106 x 82 Natural wooden structure with the addition of all engraving works on wood resin material and environmentally friendly paints

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